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Kids Church started today with an amazing experience of praise prayer and worship to our Lord Jesus Christ. We praised God for His presence among the kids throughout the first quarter of 2022 as they learned how to reciprocate Jesus in their day today life with the help of the curriculum under the series of “Jesus and you. Stepping into the 2nd quarter today, they are going to learn how to live as per the word of God with a series of Biblical stories about “Being the doers of the Word”
To start with this series of “Being the doers of the word”, today they learned how Simon Peter was used mightily by God for His Kingdom when he was doing as per the word of God.
Kids learned that like Simon we have our own indifferences, impulsiveness, and weaknesses. Busy when we repent for our sins and shortcomings and be the doer of God’s word, we can be a rock upon which God can build many churches and do wonderful things for the glory of His Kingdom.
We teachers and parents of the kids pray for the kids so that they will be the doers of the Word of God. Amen🙏

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