“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” Matthew 5:7

Love and kindness are the most important fundamental elements of Christian life. We here in RWC practice these virtues by supporting the needy in our community as well as across the world.

We encourage all those who are willing to help the poor and needy may join hands with us so together we could be a blessing to many those who are looking for a helping hand in their lives.

 It could be your financial support, your time, your visit to a lonely person, your prayer along with our prayer team or connecting online and praying for someone across the continent. Here in RWC everyone has a role to play in the kingdom of God.

Come and join with us to help our community by lending your hand, meeting people to give encouraging words, praying for sick people for their healing. 

Spreading the Word of God and providing necessary help in the name of Christ. We would love to see you stepping in to help someone. Join us today!

Latest Outreach

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It is a long established

It is a long established

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