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RAHAB: who is she?
How did she end up in God’s genealogy?
How did she receive God’s grace?

These were some of the many questions answered by our dear sister Roselyn in her message in this week’s women’s fellowship.

Rahab was a prostitute in Jericho. When Joshua wanted to seige Canaan, he sent two spies to overlook Jericho.
Rahab hid these spies in her home when the king of Canaan tried to kill them. In return for the favor, she asked the spies to save her and her family when they raided Canaan.
Rahab being a Canaanite, she has only heard about God of Israel and his Marvellous works. But she had faith that our God will give Canaan to the Israelites.

Like the word of god says in James 2:26,
“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead “
Rahab not only had faith, but she also did the deed by protecting the spies and hiding them in her house.
God expects the same from us. We need to have faith that our God can deliver us from any situation. At all times we have to confess God’s promise words and pray accordingly and accomplish the required work which needs to be done.
Now that we know who Rahab was, our question is how did she end up in God’s genealogy?
Our God is a Good Lord. He is a God who never judges anyone but rather sees their heart. God never judged Rahab for being a prostitute, rather he saw the heart she had to help the spies who were in need.
God honored Rahab for her faith and her deeds. When we look into God’s genealogy, we see that Rahab was the wife of Salmon with whom she gave birth to Boaz.
Even though her beginning was not remarkable, god lifted her up during her later stages in life.

When we have faith, and do our deeds from our end, in any situation for that matter,
Our God will definitely honor us and he will lift us up.
Amen !

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