September 18, 2022 RWC Kids Church

Power of God ‘Jairus Daughter and Tabitha’

It was a refreshing experience for the kids to congregate under the tree shade and learn the Bible stories. As you rightly guessed, the kids church on 18th Sep was conducted in a park nearby (Chinguacousy Park).

‘The Power of God can raise up even the dead and if you believe you will also do greater works like Jesus. ‘

The kids were able to understand the above statement using two stories from the Bible.

Jairus, one of the rulers of Synagogue, pleaded Jesus to save his daughter. And seeing his faith, Jesus raised up the little girl from death.

Likewise one of Jesus’s disciples Simon Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit and the power of God, raised Tabitha from death. Our God is a true living God yesterday, today, and forever. And His Power manifests not only during the days of Bible stories but even today! Kids beautifully learnt the Power of God in these stories.

 Now how about your faith in God and His Power in you ? Think about it ! Have a blessed week !

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