Kids Church – 10th April

As the continuity of this year’s quarter-2 theme “Being the Doers of the Word and not the hearers”, This week during Sunday school kids meditated Bible portion from Matthew 9:9-13. It is about the story of Tax collector Matthew whose life was changed from sinner to a Gospel writer. Matthew just didn’t hear the word of God (Follow me) rather he put it into action and was the doer of the word (Followed Jesus). His life was changed the moment he followed Jesus and his past sins were forgiven. No matter what we go through in our lives just have the heart of repentance and come back to Jesus and live a life pleasing to God. Kids enjoyed meditating on this portion, at the end of the Sunday class they all prayed for forgiveness and repentance. May we forget and forgive others as God forgives us. Have a blessed week!!!

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