Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

Fruit of spirit
😀 JOY 😀

Joy or happiness varies for each individual and varies at different stages
For instance, happiness for children is getting new toys or chocolates, for adults, their happiness is different.

Happiness starts first in one own self and then the circle extends to our loved ones, family, friends, relatives

We as children of God, what should our happiness be in?

1. Happiness in prayer: Philippians 1:4
Are we praying as a part of a routine/ ritual or are we really happy to be in God’s presence?
Prayer is two-way communication between God and us. We should be joyful to sit in His presence and we should thirst for His voice rather than just listing out our concerns and praying for it.

2. Happiness in spreading the gospel: Philippians 1:8
It is not just by sharing God’s word we can spread the gospel. Through our lives, and our deeds we can indeed share the gospel. By our good deeds, we are glorifying God.

3. Happiness in faith: Romans 12:12
First, we need to have faith. Then comes happiness/ joy in the faith. If we receive a promising word from God and it hasn’t been fulfilled yet, the waiting period is when we have to be happy and strong in faith.

4. Happiness in going to God’s temple: Psalms 122 :1
Many people have the thirst to go to church but owing to their situations, they won’t be able to go to church. But God has given us the grace to come and worship Him at the church as one family. But the question we have to ask ourselves is if we are going to church happily or going as a ritual?

5. Happiness in Christ: Habakkuk 3:18
When we are happy in the above-said points, then we can say that we are happy in Christ.

When will the happiness be complete?

  • When we have a prayerful life, our joy will be complete: John 16:24
  • When there is God’s love, happiness is complete. When there is no love, there is no happiness. John 15: 9-11
  • When our relationship with God and His son Jesus is strong, our happiness is complete. John 1:3,4
  • Our happiness also is related to whom we spend a lot of time. Are we spending time with God’s Children? Our fellowship with fellow children of God is important. God also will be happy when he sees His children sharing God’s word with each other. II John 1:12

The above said points all were related to our happiness. But what makes our God happy?

  • God is so happy when he sees his children walking according to His word. III John 1:4
  • God is happy when his children have repented from their sinful ways and look upon Him and seek Him and worship Him. Luke 15:10

We should be happy, also we have to make our maker God Almighty happy 😀

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