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Mary at Lord’s feet

3 instances demonstrate her communication with Jesus.

1 . Mary gave importance to Lord’s feet, unlike Martha who had fleshly thoughts regarding the world.

2. At the Pharisee’s house, when Jesus was having a feast with other men, she didn’t hesitate to meet Jesus. She broke the oil bottle and poured it completely on Jesus’s head. She kept nothing for herself but gave everything to Lord.

3. She was the only woman mentioned who gave presents to Jesus after the three wise men.

4. When Mary’s brother Lazarus was dead, she came and fell at Lord’s feet and she wept. On seeing her cry, Jesus shed tears too and Lazarus rose from the dead.

*Martha’s characteristics *
She loved God more than anyone.
She had the zeal to do something for God.
She was very humble and stayed at Lord’s feet.
She gave everything she had which denotes complete submission to Lord.

The blessing she received as a result of being at the Lord’s feet:
Forgiveness of her sins
She will be remembered everywhere the gospel is being shared.

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