Simeon and Anna- Luke 2: 25 -38

May 19, 2024 – Theme: Patient

This week we pondered deeper into the subject of patients and learned the story of Simeon and Anna from the Bible (Luke 2:25-38), our kids learned several valuable lessons about patience,

1. Waiting with expectation: Simeon and Anna waited years for the Messiah’s arrival, demonstrating patient expectation and trust in God’s promises.

2. Faithful persistence: Despite the long wait, they remained faithful and continued to serve God, showing kids the importance of persistence and dedication.

3. Joy in fulfillment: When Simeon and Anna finally saw the baby Jesus, they were overjoyed, teaching kids that patient waiting can lead to great joy and fulfillment.

4. Trust in God’s timing: The story highlights God’s perfect timing and encourages kids to trust in His plans, even when they seem slow or delayed.

5. Hope and endurance: Simeon and Anna’s patient wait inspires kids to hold onto hope and endure through difficult times, knowing that God is always at work.

This passage helped our kids to develop a strong foundation in patience, faith, and trust in God’s goodness. See you all next week with interesting topics.

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