Nov 5, 2023-RWC Kids Church

November Month – Theme ‘Forgiveness’

The Power of Forgiveness: Lessons from the Life of Stephen in the Bible

Today is a new month with new topic for the Month of November- Forgiveness is a fundamental concept in the teachings of Christianity, and the life of Stephen, a prominent figure in the New Testament, provides a powerful example of the importance of forgiveness. Stephen’s life and the valuable lessons it offers on forgiveness, especially for children.

Stephen’s Story:

Stephen was one of the early Christian disciples, known for his unwavering faith and commitment to spreading the message of Jesus Christ. One of the most remarkable events in his life was his martyrdom.

Facing Persecution:

Stephen faced intense persecution for his faith, which culminated in a trial before the religious authorities of his time. Despite being falsely accused and harshly treated, he maintained his faith and integrity.

The Power of Forgiveness:

In the midst of his trials, Stephen demonstrated the power of forgiveness. Even as he was being stoned to death, he prayed for his persecutors, saying, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them” (Acts 7:60). This act of forgiveness, even in his last moments, exemplifies the teachings of Jesus to “love your enemies” and “forgive those who sin against you.”

Why Forgiveness Is Important for Kids:

Our RWC Children learnt valuable lessons from Stephen’s story about forgiveness:

The life of Stephen in the Bible serves as a compelling example of the transformative power of forgiveness. Teaching children about forgiveness through his story can help them develop empathy, promote healing, and contribute to a more peaceful world, aligning with the core principles of Christianity and universal values of compassion and understanding.

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