Kids Church – 24th April

What happened this week at kid’s church? One more interesting week with new learning about Missionaries around the World. Here at Revival waves kids church, we teach our kids about the life story of one Christian missionary around the world every last week of the Month. This month they learned about Charles Thomas (C.T.) Studd- British cricketer and pioneer missionary who was sent out for missionary work to China and Africa. Today at Sunday school kids learned the missionary journey of C.T. Studd and his response to God’s calling. We ended up learning about his faith struggles, and remarkable events in his life. Learning about Missionaries around the world is to inspire our children to learn and share the Love of Christ with others. As children play important role in spreading the gospel they need education on missionary life so that they can apply each of those to their own lives. If you want your kids to be part of it join us in person every Sunday. Have a faith-filled week, God bless you all! Do remember our Sunday school in your prayers.

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