Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of spirit
🕊 Peace 🕊

People have many assumptions about peace. They think worldly peace is having a luxurious car or owning a big house.
But where do we get true peace?
Only at God’s feet, we will be able to get true peace.
God’s peace surpasses everything. Our thoughts and mind will be in control when God’s peace is in us.

Peace with God: Romans 5:11
Born as sinners, we choose to run after sins rather than obey God. When we repent and return to God, we will have peace with God. We need to surrender ourselves and reconcile with God.

Peace of God: Philippians 4:7
Peace doesn’t mean the absence of trials and tribulations, but rather remaining calm amidst the chaos. The calmness of tranquility which we have amidst our problems is the peace given by God. Our God is the Prince of Peace.

Peace with others: Hebrews 12:14
Peace with others is living in harmony with them. By reflecting on God’s characteristics in us, we can maintain peace with others. To reflect God’s characteristics, we need to have the Holy Spirit.

How can we continue to have peace with others?
• By loving others
• By honoring them
• By serving one another
• By forgiving each other
• By encouraging

Application in our lives :
• Stop worrying
• Turn our cares over to God in prayer
• Change our thought patterned
• Be obedient to God

Peace is knowing that our God is in control:

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