June 19, 2022 – Children’s Ministry

Quiz time: Book of Matthew – Chapter 11 to 15

This week was the most exciting week at RWC Kids Church!. Guess why?? Yeah.. kids experienced the outdoor Sunday class at the summer camp site. The kids were more energetic and enthusiastic to learn the word of God under the tree shade and in natural light.

As we planned earlier, we had the bible study followed by a quiz which was conducted age wise for beginners, juniors and seniors from the Book of Matthew chapters 11 to 15. All the kids participated in the quiz with so much interest and enthusiasm! Quiz included multiple choice questions, Matching, True or False statements, fill in the blanks, word search, coloring pages, spotting the difference and many more interesting topics. Post that, kids had fun playing dumshcharades from the bible characters.

We thank God for such a wonderful opportunity to experience nature and learn his wonders!

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