June 11, 2023- RWC Kids Church

Theme-Lying is sinful- Week 2- –Rahab’s Life

This week our kids learnt how lying is sinful from life of Rahab, a Canaanite woman and former prostitute, is known for her remarkable faith and the role she played in the conquest of Jericho. When Israelite spies were sent to scout the land of Canaan, Rahab protected them and hid them from her city’s authorities. She demonstrated her faith in God by acknowledging His might and choosing to align herself with His people. Rahab’s faith led her to act and request that the spies spare her and her family during the impending destruction of Jericho. In return, the spies agreed, and Rahab tied a scarlet cord in her window as a sign of protection.

When Jericho was attacked, Rahab and her family were saved, showcasing the power of her faith and God’s mercy. This story serves as a powerful reminder that faith must be accompanied by action and that lying is a sinful act with consequences.

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