JOB & his patience under suffering- May 5, 2024

Bible Passage to read: Book of JOB

Job is the prime illustration of patience among the numerous examples in the Old Testament. Job’s patience stands out because Job’s story is extreme in the amount of suffering he endured. In a single day, he lost his children and all his wealth, followed by being covered with painful sores. Even his wife urged him to curse God and die. When his friends finally arrived to comfort him, they couldn’t even recognize him from a distance. Adding to Job’s pain, they falsely accused him of wrongdoing and blamed his troubles on his unrepentant heart.

Despite these trials, Job patiently endured as per the Bible. Today, the patience of Job serves as an inspiration to our kids who face times of struggle and suffering. No matter what happens, Kids learn that we are called to follow Job’s example as we patiently endure in service and worship to the Lord, remembering that our Lord is the God of compassion and mercy! Have a blessed week!

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