David and Mephibosheth- June 2, 2024

2 Samuel 9: 1-13

Our kids learned four valuable lessons from the above bible portion during Sunday school.

Lessons on Kindness from life of David and Mephibosheth 1 Samuel 9: 1 to 13

  1. Kindness Beyond Obligation:
    • David’s actions go beyond what is required or expected. Despite being king and having no obligation to Saul’s family, David actively seeks an opportunity to show kindness.   
  2. Loyalty and Keeping Promises:
    • David honors his covenant with Jonathan. This loyalty highlights the importance of keeping promises and being loyal to our commitments.
  3. Compassion for the Vulnerable:
    • Mephibosheth is vulnerable, both physically (being crippled) and politically (as a descendant of the former king). David’s compassion for him shows that kindness involves recognizing and uplifting those in vulnerable positions.
  4. Unconditional Kindness:
    • David’s kindness is not contingent on what Mephibosheth can offer in return. This exemplifies the nature of unconditional kindness—offering help and support without expecting anything back.
  5. Reflecting God’s Kindness:
    • David’s kindness can be seen as a reflection of God’s kindness to us. Just as David sought out Mephibosheth, God seeks lost people to show them love and grace.

The story of David and Mephibosheth is a timeless example of kindness, rooted in loyalty and compassion it can transform lives, help our kids to be proactive, support the vulnerable, practice unconditional kindness, and promote dignity. Be kind and helpful have a blessed week ahead.

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