Sep 17, 2023- RWC Kids Church

Theme: Self-ControlWeek 3 – David and Saul in the caves of En-Gedi

Under the theme of Self-Control this month, children delved into the story of David. They explored how David, a young shepherd, was anointed to become King and how God aided him in defeating the giant Goliath with just a stone and a sling. As David rose to power, he faced persecution from Saul, compelling him to live in the wilderness. Despite the adversity, David exhibited self-control by refraining from seeking vengeance against Saul. Notably, when David encountered Saul in the Caves of En-Gedi, he chose not to harm him, exemplifying his righteous character.

The children also discussed real-life scenarios that could provoke impulsive reactions and the role of prayer in maintaining self-control. A rewarding week of fostering self-discipline!

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