Elisha and God’s Army of Angles – April 14, 2024

 2KINGS 6 : 8 TO 23

This week, we embarked on a new theme centered around an intriguing passage from the Bible. It delves into the story of Elisha, a powerful instrument of God who played a crucial role in conveying divine warnings through prophecy.

In one notable incident, when Elisha prayed, the Lord intervened by blinding the eyes of enemy soldiers while opening the eyes of Elisha’s servant. This revelation revealed a mighty host of angels encircling the city, showcasing God’s protective power. Elisha, embodying the love of God, instructed the king of Israel to extend hospitality by hosting a grand feast for the soldiers. His act created a peace treaty which led the soldiers stop raiding Israel’s territory.

Kids learned how to resolve conflict through non-violent means also on how to find peace amid external threats. They cultivated a heart of mercy and compassion, recognizing their significance in promoting peace.

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