Oct 22, 2023-RWC Kids Ministry

Monthly Theme: Belief The Repentant Thief on the Cross (Luke 23)

In today’s Kids Church, we explored a valuable lesson about the belief of the repentant thief on the cross. This lesson helped children grasp the concept of a repentant heart and salvation through faith.

As the suffering on the cross unfolded, both Jesus and the thief endured the agony of this cruel execution. The thief, witnessing all that Jesus was going through, came to a profound realization of his own sinfulness. This epiphany led him to believe in Jesus as the Savior King who could usher him into the heavenly kingdom.

Through his unwavering belief, the repentant thief immediately secured his eternal life in paradise with Jesus. Children now understand the importance of repentance and faith in Jesus for their own salvation. We pray that they may emulate the faith of the repentant thief and find their place in the Heavenly Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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