May 14, 2023 – Two Blind Men Receive Their Sight

One notable act of Jesus’ compassion recorded in the Bible is the healing of two blind men. This event is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew 20: 29-34. This act of Jesus’ compassion demonstrates his willingness to listen and respond to the needs of those who seek him. Despite the crowd’s attempt to silence the blind men, Jesus showed them kindness and gave them His full attention. He recognized their faith and desire for healing, and in response, he restored their sight, granting them the ability to see.

Throughout his ministry, Jesus consistently showed compassion to the sick, the marginalized, and the outcasts of society.

Our kids learnt in the Sunday school that the healing of the two blind men was one of the powerful examples of Jesus’ compassion and his willingness to extend his love and grace to all who seek him.

Our kids were encouraged to approach Jesus with faith, persistence, and trust, knowing that Jesus is always ready to hear their cries for help and bring restoration to their lives.

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