March 12, 2023 Sunday School

Theme : Faith (Abraham and Isaac Faith)

As we are meditating Bible scripture under the topic FAITH, this week the kids learnt about Abraham.

Abraham is seen as the ‘Father of Faith’, he was honored for his obedience. Bible says Abraham believed in God and it was credited to him as righteousness. We all are made righteous through faith that we have in our Lord Almighty.

Kids’ memory was refreshed with the  story about Abraham and Isaac’s faith and the three days journey to Mount Moriah.

The obedience ,faith of Abraham and respectful character of Isaac was one of the learning elements in today’s Sunday school.

Living a life of Faith means never knowing where we are being led, but knowing that the one who leads us lives among us for ever and ever. Putting our complete trust

in Him is the need of every hour.

May what ever you ask in Faith this month be granted! God bless!

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