Carol Round

Indeed, what a wonderful time of the year it is!! Celebrating the birth of our Savior and Precious Lord Jesus Christ!! As we celebrated spreading the good news with songs of joy and praise going caroling with friends and family, it brought a sense of consolation and connection among the brethren. Visiting friends at their homes, hearing the good news, having a fun time singing aloud in unison, having a meal together has not only brought the church family closer but has been an invitation to share the gospel truth with those who have not experienced Christ’s, unconditional love.
Carol’s rounds were further a great reminder to root our foundation in Christ, which can be done with so much love, joy, peace, and thanksgiving. For Christ was born, to save us from our sin, just so that we could be called His children and have everlasting life in Him. He is the reason for the season! All praise be to God!


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