August 28, 2022 Sunday School 

Week of Missionary -Samuel Morris

Missionary week – At Sunday school we learnt about ‘Samuel Morris – The African Missionary’. We have heard of missionaries who went to Africa to tell the people about Jesus. But did you know that in the late 1800s an African man came to America to show the love of Jesus?  The short life of Samuel Morris had left long legacy of faith and fruit!

His faith and preaching about Christ Jesus changed many people’s life. God used Samuel’s simple faith and strong prayer life in a mighty way.

Sunday school kids were deeply inspired by this story, and they learnt age does not matter to stand for God. The only thing that matters in this world is what we do for the kingdom of God because everything else fades away. We believe and pray that our kids life is transformed, and they humble themselves for God at the young age. Be blessed!!

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